Our people

Habeo wouldn’t be where it is today without a team of skilled people. With over four decades of shared experience in property and technology, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your property knowledge source is in good hands.

Alexandra Morris – CEO

I entered the world of property in the early 00’s. My first observations? Essential processes were repetitive, slow and lacking in transparency, particularly for property owners. This soon evolved into a mission – to make property work for everyone. And in 2008 I set up MakeUrMove, a property advertising and lettings management portal.

It was clear to me that automation and intuitive platforms were the best way to not only boost efficiency, but to keep track of compliance and visualise financial success. So I set about finding the right technologies to bring my ideas to life and solve real industry pain points.

With Habeo I’m bringing all of this into one solution, offering a better way for people who own properties to control, organise and analyse. But my career isn’t the only place I’m making moves in…

Outside of property, I’ve almost always got music to my ears. I’m a trained classical singer, and in training to play the piano. Dancing also plays a big part in my life – all of which make wonderful food for the soul.

Tim Lunt – CTO

Technology has always been an integral part of my life, education and career, which I began as a software developer building online systems. One decade and many promotions later, I set up and bootstrapped my own software business specialising in SaaS solutions, before selling up in July 2021 after six successful years.

Alexandra was actually a previous client of mine through MakeUrMove, and reached out to explain her vision for Habeo. I was instantly hooked by the challenge, her passion for developing a truly problem-solving solution, and the scope for the business to keep on evolving as more data flowed through it.

That’s the beauty of AI and automation – with the right sector expertise and technical know-how, the possibilities to become increasingly predictive and intuitive are boundless. Alexandra and I have a great synergy, and I truly believe that together, we’ll change the face of asset management and become market leaders in the PropTech space.

When I’m not deep in code, you can find me right at home on the golf course. Or keeping up with my three kids, which is sometimes just as technical as my day-to-day job!

Hayley Staunton – CMO

My love of marketing goes beyond simply advertising a brand. I have a passion to understand people, listen to their pain points and create topical content designed to help them stay one step ahead.

I chose Habeo because I believe in the solution, the people who created it and the value it will provide to our customers.

It’s been a relatively new journey into tech for me, with just four of my 13 years in marketing spent in the industry. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘tech whizz’ like my co-workers yet, I have the ability to see our solution from the eyes of a consumer. My aim is to create a brand that’s simple, resourceful and customer first.

Besides my work I’m a keen long distance runner, reader and mother of Boo, my dog who spends most of her time snoozing under my desk.